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Below, you will find publications accepting pitches on topics from short fiction to cars to technology and culture to politics and parenting. And energy, white supremacy, and running.

The lowest pay rate is $30. The highest is $5,000.

Tor covers science fiction and fantasy. It publishes new original short fiction from new voices, a daily commentary on science fiction and fantasy.

It is interested in pitches on essays, think pieces, reaction pieces, list posts, and reviews spanning 1000–2500 words range.

Send your pitches to blogsubmissions@tor.com. It pays $75 per piece.

The Drive is a lifestyle publication published by Subaru of…

Who calls editors to order?

Editors, Racism, and Writers of Color
Editors, Racism, and Writers of Color
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Editors come out to tell writers how to make their writing better. Who shows editors how to be a better editor and person?

Editors work with people, not machines. You can’t separate the qualities of a better person from editing roles. It is inter-related.

The editing role could be like an autocratic rule. For the deciding editor, if he decides not to accept your work, that’s final.

But what if that editor calling the shot is racist, bias? Who calls him to order?

Like racism exists in workplaces, so are racists in editors. …

With two words

How To Prevent Your Database From Wipe Out
How To Prevent Your Database From Wipe Out
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I lost my SQL database without a backup.

I had to rewrite afresh. Then I discovered a trigger is useless without these two words — “ROLLBACK TRANSACTION”.

Those words are the security to your data as a database administrator or owner. Without them, two words — DELETE DATABASE — can erase your entire data of a lifetime.

By the way, a trigger makes it impossible for people to alter your data. Some database administrator protects their data from insertion, delete, update, drop and so on.

Another shocking revelation I discovered during the period of my SQL database loss is that…

Humans are attracted to what their sense organs feel

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A good sales ad uses the art of showmanship. The art is simple. Instead of talking endlessly, show your audience what your product can do.

Think of a soap ad. A good soap ad will appeal to the sense of sight of people. For instance, it will show a dirty-brown cloth washed and turned to shiny white with the help of the soap.

Now compare the dirty-brown-shiny-white soap advert to an ad where soap is merely advertised as simply the best. What message do the two adverts send to the human sense organs?

The first ad sends a clear message…

Copy them

This Is What Writers With 100% Curation Rate Do
This Is What Writers With 100% Curation Rate Do
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Have you read the book — Animal Farm by George Orwell?

In the book, animals created and wrote down the rules that guide them. The seventh rule is — All animals are equal.

Later, the top shot animals in the farm revised the seventh commandment to read, all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

Also, on Medium, all publications are equal, but some publications are more equal than the others.

However, unlike Napoleon and his pigs in Animal Farm that amended the rules to clear themselves of law-breaking accusations, Medium automatically curates stories from some…

Many publications are ready to splash the cash on writers

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Ever since I started sourcing for writing gigs, I discovered that publications looking for writers and willing to pay them are abound.

And I was left in awe of the amount of money moving in the writing industry. Many publications are ready to splash the cash on writers. Many.

I know how difficult it can be to get published in these publications. If you are finding it difficult, don’t stop writing and pitching. That’s how you learn and develop and succeed.

Below are ten publications you can write for right now and get paid.

10 Publications You Can Write for and Get Paid

The magazine is putting together its…

The ‘least well-designed’ language leads the pack

top-down view of the feet and legs of a person sitting on a rooftop overlooking a parking lot
top-down view of the feet and legs of a person sitting on a rooftop overlooking a parking lot
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Before the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic in 2020, Stack Overflow — a home to developers around the world — did its annual survey on the most commonly used programming, scripting, and markup languages.

For those who don’t know, Stack Overflow’s survey has been running for ten years now. The latest survey involved nearly 65,000 people.

Let’s find out which programming, scripting, and markup language rank first.

Top 10 Most Commonly Used Programming, Scripting, and Markup Languages

JavaScript has held the top spot for eight years in a row. Despite what some programmers say about JavaScript not been a well-designed language, it remains number 1. The 25-year-old language…

Compiled by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

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You don’t have to rack your brain to remember HTML 5 tags. Or cram all the tags.

Knowing the function of each of them, where and how to find them will do.

Programming is welcoming to everyone — who decides to learn it. I say this because there is no magic in it. No magic wand is required either. Answers to what you might be seeking answers for are already everywhere around you on the web.

When I started learning HTML, my instructor told me, “I can’t teach you all the tags”. And that was the case. Your instructor won’t…

Start learning the sexiest job of the century today

Top 10 Data Science YouTube Channels
Top 10 Data Science YouTube Channels
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With over 2+ billion users and one billion hours watched every day, YouTube is out of this world.

Videos on Data Science are not left out. Experts in the field continue to make videos on Data Science accessible to YouTubers in over 100 countries.

If you’re thinking of learning or improving your skills on the sexiest job of the century, Data Science YouTube channels are a great place to find free resources.

I researched the most viewed Data Science YouTube channels and the channels having the highest number of subscribers.

Below are the top 10 Data Science YouTube channels I…

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According to Office for National Statistics, between January to November 2020, 6 of 10 deaths (30,296 of 50,888 deaths) in the UK involving Coronavirus (Covid-19) are disabled people.

There is no particular factor identified as being the cause of the high number of deaths, however, people raised the alarm of neglect of disabled people and lack of adequate care.

Using the 2011 Census, the Office for National Statistics classified disability status into two. Those who said their daily activities were limited a little or a lot are referred to as “less-disabled” and “more-disabled”. …

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