You only need a watch and stairs

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To find out the relationship between daily activities — like climbing stairs — and heart health exercise testing in a lab, researchers presented a study at the scientific congress of the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging.

“The idea was to find a simple and inexpensive method of assessing heart health,” said Dr. Peteiro — a cardiologist at University Hospital A Coruña, Spain.

The study included participants with known or suspected coronary artery disease. They were asked to walk or run on a treadmill until they are exhausted. This was to measure exercise capacity using metabolic equivalents (METs).

“A MET is a ratio of your working metabolic rate relative to your resting metabolic rate. Metabolic rate is the rate of energy expended per unit of time. While sitting, you expend one MET. A brisk walk at 3 or 4 miles per hour has a value of 4 METs. Jumping rope, which is a more vigorous activity, has a MET value of 12.3.” …

Know sure-fire Headline formations

how to start writing attention-grabbing headlines
how to start writing attention-grabbing headlines
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Learning to write a catchy headline is like learning any other thing. You can’t skip the basics.

Before you can write magnetic headlines, you need to know catchy headline formations. Yes, there are formations.

Over the years, there are known forms of attention-grabbing headlines.


  • Make a promise to readers
  • Make readers inquisitive
  • Form an interesting sentence

Consider the following headline formations.

1. A headline using the word “Free” or “New”

For example:

  • The Bestselling Ebook on Writing Is Now Free

2. Headlines that include “Now” or “Today”

For example:

  • Learn How to Speak English Today
  • Now Is the Best Time To Make Money Online

3. Headlines starting with “Why”

For example:

  • Why Trump Won His First Term Election

4. Headlines asking a question

For example:

  • What Made Elon Musk the Quickest to Be a Billionaire? …

Whether the CSV file is on your computer or online

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Knowing how to import and read a CSV file in Pycharm is a big plus. You save time; you work faster; and your work remains compact, among other benefits.

Pycharm itself is a robust tool. If you are not persistent, you get tired of it easily — while trying to import a CSV file or do other things.

Below, I explained how you could import a CSV file on your computer or online to Pycharm. And how you can add the file permanently to your Pycharm directory.

Note: install pandas first if not already installed.

How to Import a CSV File in Pycharm

  • Find the CSV file path you want to import or read in Pycharm. To find the CSV file on your computer, type the filename in the “Type here to search” taskbar in windows. Find that at the bottom left of your computer screen. …

And how to contact them

Publications paying writers and accepting pitches
Publications paying writers and accepting pitches
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Tons of publications are accepting pitches from writers and paying them.

Finding the right contact to pitch your writing ideas is the first hurdle you have to jump. I’d guessed emails of editors to get the correct email to pitch an idea. That almost got my email banned.

Here are twelve publications calling for pitches from writers with their emails or how you can send your pitches to them.

I’ve seen call for pitches with ridiculous pay rates as low as $20 per 1000 words. I wouldn’t apply to such a publication. …

It’s time to grow

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The letter below was written by a father to his boys — useful for all ages.

Relax. Read. Enjoy and think about it.

A Letter to My Boys

“You’ve both got something that everyone wants a lot more of.


You see, most people run out of time.

I see it every day in my job: I try to convince young people about just how powerful their lives could be (they don’t believe me). I spend the rest of my day trying to help older people who are desperately trying to make up for lost time. They’re racing against the clock.

Yet here’s the thing: if you have time, you don’t have to race. You don’t need to nervously check stock prices every day. You don’t have financial pressure. You don’t need the stock market to do something. You don’t get suckered into get-rich-quick schemes. You don’t freak out when the market crashes. …

For writers and non-writers

how to be a successful writer
how to be a successful writer
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A Writer’s First Hurdle

When you’re just starting as a freelance writer, finding clients is difficult. At this stage, some writers are lucky to find clients without much hassle; many don’t (I didn’t) — despite reading lots of articles on how to find clients.

You find tons of advice out there on how you can win clients. You then discover that some of this advice is contradicting and confusing — search for writing jobs on job boards; don’t search for work on job boards, it is a waste of time. Which do you follow?

Job boards have worked for some and haven’t worked for many. Why not try both and see what works for you? …

You don’t need to be a programmer to learn these lessons

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You need these five lessons to live a successful life.

Listen, you don’t have to be a programmer before you can learn these lessons. You only need to know and apply them to your life.

1. To succeed, you must learn

Successful programmers learn how to code. Not only that, they learn regularly. No matter what, they always show up. It makes them learn fast and get good at what they do — and they succeed.

Think of the successful people around you — how did they become successful? Did they learn anything? Or were they dumbass? Even if the people you could think of inherited wealth, they still had to learn the rope of the business they inherited. They need to put in the effort. Because if they don’t, the business goes down. …

Learn the new way without any hassle

How to host a static website on Github
How to host a static website on Github
Photo by Martin Widenka on Unsplash

You’re new and you want to know how to host a static website on Github for free. Searching the internet would be your first thought and then Google — the biggest search engine.

Here is the downside: articles appearing on the first pages of Google on what you are searching for are either not relevant anymore or difficult to understand.

It is bad these articles appear on the first pages of Google. You have to dig deeper and deeper to find the right one for you.

I faced this difficulty when I wanted to host my first static website on Github. …

Make your writing short, clear, and direct

How to detect passive voice in your writing Grammarly Datayze tool
How to detect passive voice in your writing Grammarly Datayze tool
Photo by Marek Mucha on Unsplash

Do you know Grammarly doesn’t detect all the passive voice in what you write?

For many writers, Grammarly is one of the leading writing tools. Some writers have reservations about the app. The app’s opponents believe writing the way you converse with a friend is the best form of writing.

They say the app doesn’t allow you to write the way you talk. Adverbs, Adjectives — used most times when you converse— are automatically flagged down by Grammarly as signs of bad writing.

What about passive voice?

Passive Voice vs. Active Voice

Great writers, from Ernest Hemingway to William Zinsser to Stephen King, all considered a passive voice in writing a sign of weak writing; that it should be cut out or reduced to the minimum. …

Here are what you should know

the fastest career path to the tech world
the fastest career path to the tech world
Photo by Alexander Milo on Unsplash

What’s the fastest career path to the tech world?

I chose to code knowing I could build real-world projects, put it out there for people to use, and solve their problems.

To achieve this, I needed the fastest career path to break into the tech world. I watched Youtube videos and read articles on the career path I could choose. “Be a data analyst” was everywhere.

Most of those videos and articles suggested the data analyst career path. That it is easy for you to break into the tech world when you follow this path; that you could learn SQL, Excel, and Python — Pandas, NumPy, matplotlib — within the space of a few months. …


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