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WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging app, with over 2 billion active monthly users.

Like how we humans never maximize the power of our brain, there are WhatsApp functions some of us don’t know about.

Learn how to protect your privacy and get the most out of the app.

Anybody can add you to a WhatsApp group so far a person has your phone number. That is if you haven’t changed the default setting for groups.

With the app’s default setting unchanged, anyone can add you to a group.

To change this:

  • Click the three dots on the top…

If you’re bilingual

How to start a freelance transla
How to start a freelance transla
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Eleven years ago, I signed up for a website. The deal was, I would get paid if I attract a certain number of visitors to the website.

I worked on my android phone day and night. My eyes itch and burn several times from the screen light of the phone. After a lot of effort, I hit the required number. It was time I get paid.

I was gamed. I tried to log in to my account many times — no way.

I know there are scammers everywhere online. I know there is impracticable business advice circulating the internet. …

Only practical solutions

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I will be less abstract as possible.

Below, I identified problems people face when looking for a business idea and starting a business and how you can overcome them.

Problem 1

  • It is hard to get a business idea.

Even with the rise of personal enterprises, for people out there, it is still hard to get a working business idea.

The mind is the solution to that problem.

Let your mind be aware you want to own a business by thinking about owning a business. Subconsciously, it would actively look for business ideas. …

To be happy

8 Happiness Myths You Should Change
8 Happiness Myths You Should Change
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Happiness is in you.

People often attach happiness to money, material things, work, and success. All these are myths. They don’t guarantee happiness.

Here are eight happiness myths you should do away with to enjoy your life and be happy.

1. I must have wealth to enjoy life

This is a wrong belief.

The more you gain wealth, the more you see it is only an essential part of life that doesn’t assure happiness.

“Real wealth is not about money. Real wealth is: not having to go to meetings, not having to spend time with jerks, not being locked into status games, not feeling like you have to…

For people who never have enough time to do what they want

How To Get Control of Your Time
How To Get Control of Your Time
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Time is life.

Everything around us works with time.

What makes time so precious is, you spend it, and it doesn’t come back again. It is irretrievable and irreplaceable.

“Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it you can never get it back.” — Harvey Mackay

Time will never be enough to do what you want if you don’t get control over it. You may have a list of things lined up for the day, but you don’t just achieve…

End self-doubt, gain confidence, and create a positive self-image

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Self-esteem is related to living a healthier life, developing resilience, believing in yourself, happiness, and a solution to depression.

How can you be truthful about who you are and be appreciative at the same time; be happy, end self-doubt, and be confident? Self-esteem is the answer.

Below are ten solutions for building self-esteem.

10 Simple Solutions for Building Self-Esteem

Knowing self-esteem is the first solution to building self-esteem. It is a realistic and appreciative opinion about yourself.

Realistic means you are honest about your strength and weaknesses. For instance, you know you are good at keeping the house clean but poor at communicating with people.


On different niches

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Below, you will find publications accepting pitches on topics from short fiction to cars to technology and culture to politics and parenting. And energy, white supremacy, and running.

The lowest pay rate is $30. The highest is $5,000.

Tor covers science fiction and fantasy. It publishes new original short fiction from new voices, a daily commentary on science fiction and fantasy.

It is interested in pitches on essays, think pieces, reaction pieces, list posts, and reviews spanning 1000–2500 words range.

Send your pitches to It pays $75 per piece.

The Drive is a lifestyle publication published by Subaru of…

Who calls editors to order?

Editors, Racism, and Writers of Color
Editors, Racism, and Writers of Color
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Editors come out to tell writers how to make their writing better. Who shows editors how to be a better editor and person?

Editors work with people, not machines. You can’t separate the qualities of a better person from editing roles. It is inter-related.

The editing role could be like an autocratic rule. For the deciding editor, if he decides not to accept your work, that’s final.

But what if that editor calling the shot is racist, bias? Who calls him to order?

Like racism exists in workplaces, so are racists in editors. …

With two words

How To Prevent Your Database From Wipe Out
How To Prevent Your Database From Wipe Out
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I lost my SQL database without a backup.

I had to rewrite afresh. Then I discovered a trigger is useless without these two words — “ROLLBACK TRANSACTION”.

Those words are the security to your data as a database administrator or owner. Without them, two words — DELETE DATABASE — can erase your entire data of a lifetime.

By the way, a trigger makes it impossible for people to alter your data. Some database administrator protects their data from insertion, delete, update, drop and so on.

Another shocking revelation I discovered during the period of my SQL database loss is that…

Humans are attracted to what their sense organs feel

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A good sales ad uses the art of showmanship. The art is simple. Instead of talking endlessly, show your audience what your product can do.

Think of a soap ad. A good soap ad will appeal to the sense of sight of people. For instance, it will show a dirty-brown cloth washed and turned to shiny white with the help of the soap.

Now compare the dirty-brown-shiny-white soap advert to an ad where soap is merely advertised as simply the best. What message do the two adverts send to the human sense organs?

The first ad sends a clear message…

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